Wills & Trusts.


It is very important, no matter what your situation, to have a current Will. This needs careful planning, especially if you have re-partnered, as you will want to balance the needs of your present partner and those of your children after you are gone.

These are some of the issues we will discuss with you when formulating your Will:

  • How your estate is to be distributed – including specific items you would like to give to individual people.
  • The role and duties of the executor of your estate.
  • The consequences and effects of any rights of appointment held in respect of a Family Trust.
  • Who is to take care of your child or children.
  • Specific donations to charities or organisation.
  • Life interests in a specific property, usually a family home, to a spouse or partner.
  • Consequences of a marriage on your existing Will.
  • Consequences of separation and dissolution of marriage on your Will.