Wills & Trusts.


New Zealand, in all probability, has more Family Trusts per head of population than any other jurisdiction in the world. Forming a Family Trust to own assets has its advantages, but it is important you understand the implications of doing so.

Form Trusts

There is no such document as a “standard Trust” and you need to be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a Trustee. The Trust Deed must be prepared to reflect your personal circumstances and tailored to suit your wishes.  We have significant experience in advising on the appropriateness of asset ownership by a Family Trust and the form the Trust Deed should take.

The law of Trusts in New Zealand is currently subject to significant legislative changes.  As laws surrounding Trusts change, you should ensure you are aware how these law changes will affect your Trust.  The changes to gifting requirements, new trustee obligations and the rules relating to beneficiaries.