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Sweetman Law specialises in all matters relating to property and family law. Located in Mairangi Bay on the North Shore, of Auckland.

We advise national and international clients.

We have the skills and expertise to address issues that arise on separation including the care of children and division of property, as well as advising you on Wills, Trusts, Estate and general property matters.

Anti Money
Laundering Compliance

Due to new legislation that has now been introduced namely the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (“the AML law”), we are required to obtain information from every client as to their identity and also additional information as required to verify information about the legal work the firm will be undertaking on your behalf.

If my firm does not hold the following information about you then the following documentation is required:

(i)  Your passport;

(ii)  Your driver’s licence (and also your birth certificate if you do not have a passport);

(iii)  Proof of your address (eg a recent utility bill or bank statement that is less than 3 months’ old);

(iv)  Confirmation of your IRD number.

Further information is required for the following entities:

(a) Trust

(i)  Trust documentation,

(ii)  Personal details of the trustees and beneficiaries

(iii)  Trust IRD number


(b) Company

(i) Personal details of the directors and shareholders

(ii) Company IRD number

We may also be required to establish the source of funds for the transaction (eg savings, inheritance, sale proceeds) – please confirm and provide evidence where possible.